The lift equipment

Working with our company, you will immediately receive a package of high quality services: production, supply and installation of elevator equipment, including elevator shafts, as well as its commissioning and warranty service (within Russia). In Moscow and Moscow region, we also provide maintenance and modernization of elevators installed (repair and replace the necessary components). Prices are determined individually for each order.
Manufacturers of lifting equipment

Retractable telescopic

A utility model patent is owned by "OptimaLift"

This metal structure consisting of a stationary and a few moving parts, designed for communication between a number of levels. Installation of an elevator can be conducted in the finished building.

Previously, the "hidden lift" associated with us in the James Bond film, and now it is reality.

Telescopic lift consists of several sections, one of which is stationary, and the rest - moving.

Panoramic Elevators

Panoramic elevators - the most popular system. We set up Anelka panoramic elevators, lifts and finished obluzhivaem firm Otis and other manufacturers. If a lift is installed inside the premises, the passenger has not lost a sense of psychological comfort, is the effect of presence in the room. The outer cabin offers an overview of the surrounding landscape.

Pneumatic elevator

In addition to the wide range of electrical and hydraulic lifts for the cottage, apartment or office, we offer a pneumatic lifts, and, in particular, the unique design - vacuum Aerolift (or, as it is called an "air lift")

Reveal to lift

In your shopping center is equipped with panoramic elevators, but their movement is opened to visitors unsightly internal construction elevator shafts and doors? The company OptimaLift found a solution.

We suggest you set unique sliding gate. This design allows you to hide from the eyes of the lift device users.

Curtains for elevator

Oblique elevator

Lifts for the cottage
The company "Optima Lift" specializes in the supply and installation of special inclined elevators.

Inclined elevator - this is an interesting alternative to traditional escalator, the more inclined elevator that can be used by people with disabilities.

We supply elevators can be a machine room with or without a carrying capacity up to 2000 kg and speeds of up to 1.6 m / sec. This type of elevator includes the same components as the standard lift.


Capacity: from 300 kg to 2000 kg.

Personal funicular (mountain lift) Lifts for the cottage

The company "Optima Lift," has mastered the new horizons of material handling systems.
Since 2011 the company began supplying mining trucks (personal funicular), an alternative to the already known in our country, the cable car. The high cost of installing conventional lifts, the complexity of their installation, as well as the straightness of the path, pushed the Swiss developer to create a new transport mechanism for moving on hilly terrain. Now when climbing or descending you will be as one with nature.

Advantages of the mountain cable car lift to:

Travelator and tape lift Lifts for the cottage Travelator

Travelator - a continuously variable treadmill installed in airports, hotels, hotels, shopping malls and other public places. Travelator is like an escalator, but has no steps, usually moving in a horizontal or slightly sloping. This mechanism is intended to facilitate the movement of people over large distances within the local area - this is especially true for the elderly, passengers with luggage, people in suits or sport ammunition that hinder movement.

Funicular lift- Lifts for the cottage

Primary pro-project was designed to be installed in the Sochi region, as a replacement for the long stairs to the boarding house (length 130 m, height - 30 m). Execution of all-weather cable car, elevator lift - monorail (it's a minimal impact on the environment and ease of inscribing the landscape), with 2 ways (up and down). The lift is equipped with closed cabins comfortably for 16-20 people, which allows for upgrades in any weather. The total capacity of 400 persons per hour.

Production - Italy.

Installation - OptimaLift.